Hopeful Contacts

We are the team members of HHH: Front Row:  Barb Togstad, Beth Dewald, Carol Stahlhut, Cindy Willey, Mary Klundt; Back Row:  Billy Marsh, Kim Weyer, Laurel Haroldson. We are all volunteers whose lives have been touched by cancer and we want to make a difference in the lives of people currently fighting the battle against cancer.

Hope is the most important word we have.  We have hope, we give hope, we believe in hope, and we hope that we can be of help.

If you or a friend are facing cancer and would like one to help with transportation to treatments or appointments or have any other need which might help with your healing, send us an email!

If you are able to help give hope to those dealing with cancer, let us know how you can help and how we can contact you! Our address is: